Dual Key Condo

What is Dual Key Condo?

Recently, there is a group of housing concept hitting the Singapore property market quietly yet with a big bang among property hunters.

Yes, it is Dual Key Condo!


Dual key condominium (in short, Dual key condo) or Dual key executive condominium (in short, Dual key EC) , commonly known as dual key apartments, is the latest hype in Singapore properties.


Other names of dual key condo are 2 in 1 layout, multi-generation and inter-generation.


Dual key condo refers to having two homes sharing a common foyer yet on a single title.  In another words, dual key condo mean a one single whole apartment that can be divided in to two separate apartments within the same single unit.  Both apartments have their own separate set of keys and both apartments are equipped with their own kitchen and toilets.


Dual key condo normally has a layout which comprises of one apartment, a studio unit complete with own kitchen and toilet and another bigger apartment, 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom type.


More and more apartments, condominium and executive condominiums, are now offering dual key condo in their developments.